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Smoked Pioneers BBQ team

BBQ team Smoked Pioneers was established in the old town of Tallinn, in the legendary restaurant Le Chateau in 2005. Two names were proposed: Smoked Brains and Pioneers. As there was no consensus, the team was named Smoked Pioneers BBQ Team.

The goals of the Smoked Pioneers BBQ Team are:
      To develop and promote Estonian food culture - especially BBQ and grilling culture.
      Provide the best food!
      Be pioneers in the field of BBQ.
      Participate in BBQ competitions in Estonia.
      Represent Estonia at BBQ competitions in other countries.

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Our team

Typical captain: makes sure that the ship does not sink and that the mop sauce does not burn.!

Tarvo, Team Captain
Enjoys barbecuing in his free time – explores, tests and separates wheat from the chaff before competitions. His motto: everything falls into place! It has been the Pioneers’ team motto since the beginning.

Peter, Team Director
Founder and chef of Estonia's first BBQ restaurants, certified pastry-chef and well-known for having a sweet tooth. Frank's job is to doubt everything and everyone :)

Frank aka Papa, Team Chef
The newest team member. Tiik does its best to develop the team culinarily as well as conceptually to increase efficiency and improve the taste of the food.

Urmas aka Tiik, team’s newest member
Fond of grilling and BBQ since 2005. His task is to balance a bit the big ideas of creative people (read: chefs). His motto is “First things First”.

Kalle aka Kotkas, Team Engineer
Balances the team – makes sure uniforms are clean, paperwork is sorted and jokes are not that impolite.

Kris, Manager


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